Magnum Target Interlocking 12” Tall IDPA/IPSC Steel Shooting Target 3/8" AR500 Range Target w/T-Post Hook

We want to introduce a new feature to one of our most popular shooting products. This set includes one 7” x 12” 3/8" AR500 Steel Interlocking IDPA Hanging Target and one 3/8" AR500 Interlocking T-Post Topper Hook. Studded t-post not included but can be purchased inexpensively at most local hardware stores.

This Interlocking Steel Target and Hook, manufactured by Magnum Target, are constructed and tested for reliable and continuous shooting. Simply drop the t-post hook over a studded t-post, slide the body hole over the hook horizontally and rotate 90 degrees until the body sits vertically.

Targets on curved hooks have a tendency to fall off, especially when shooting many rounds or using higher caliber weapons. Whether you're using pistols or rifles of any caliber, the Interlocking feature of this product allows for uninterrupted shooting.


AR500 Steel Gong Target

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