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1/10sc NRA/IHMSA Metallic Silhouette Targets – 20pc Air Rifle/Pistol Knock-overs

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Set includes 5 1/4″ thick Chickens (1” x 1.25″) on 1″ x 1″ bases, 5 1/8″ thick Turkeys (2.25” x 2”) on 1″ x 1″ bases, 5 1/8″ thick Pigs (1.5” x 1.25”) on 1″ x 1″ bases, and 5 1/8″ thick Rams (2.5” x 3.25”)  on 1″ x 2″ bases

– Manufactured to meet NRA & IHMSA specifications for airgun shooting.

– Constructed of new A36 steel painted white

– Precision cut with a CNC plasma cutter

– Assembled using strong heavy duty welds

– Can be placed on and shot for any flat surface


Shooter and spectators must always wear proper eye and hearing protection.

Do not shoot steel targets from closer than 15 yards.

These targets are not designed for use with center fire rifles, shotgun slugs, steelshot, BBs, armor-piercing, steel-core, or other hardened  ammunition.

Do not use a target that has been deformed or damaged.


Buyer assumes all responsibility for the use and misuse of the purchased targets.

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