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3,4,5,6&8in. 3/8 Thick AR500 Gong Shooting Targets

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Manufactured from new high quality 3/8in. thick AR500 steel plate made in the USA.

AR500 plate is compatible with most pistol and rifle caliber’s, such as 9mm pistol and .223 caliber’s and many others.

Targets are painted on all sides with high quality paint. Targets are ready to use right out of the box. No painting! No Mess! No Waiting! Targets painted white provide the maximum contrast between the sights/crosshairs and the target as well as the background. This contrast gives you the Fastest and Easiest Target Acquisition.

Precision cut with a CNC plasma cutter and submersion water-cooled during the cutting process to maintain the integrity of the steel, ensuring the longest life of the target. Center hole allows for single point mounting, such as a shepherd’s hook. Can be hung from hardened chains, using bolts or clevises. Tarp straps and rope can also be used.

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