Four Steel Target Shooting Myths

Steel Target Shooting Myths:

There are several common misconceptions about steel targets and the practice of shooting them for competitions, protection, training or just for fun!

We’re here to clear the air about some of those myths. These are very important as most of them have a direct correlation to your safety while steel target shooting.

Myth #1: Don’t spend money on knock-overs or steel targets, just go to the junkyard for cheap/free steel.

Not a good idea! Scrap steel, rotors, brake drums and other types of steel you would find in a junkyard are very different from steel that’s manufactured specifically to shoot. You run a high risk of bullet ricochet when shooting just any old type of steel.

Myth #2: I can ask my local welder to make steel shooting targets for me.

This is risky. The process of manufacturing steel shooting targets takes specific knowledge about steel types, welding techniques and ballistic design. It’s better to trust an expert! Our targets are precision cut with a CNC plasma cutter and submersed in water to cool to maintain the integrity of the steel, ensure the longest lifespan and safety.

Myth #3: Steel targets aren’t durable or meant for a lot of shooting.

If they are designed correctly, steel targets can last you awhile and take a lot of impact. Our steel targets are great for most pistol and rifle calibers, including .223, 20-06 and 308 high-powered rifles.

Myth #4: I can shoot steel targets from any distance with any firearm.

No! It’s important that you read the safety info when purchasing our steel targets. They are not designed for use with center fire rifles or shotgun slugs, to name a couple. Rifle ammunition muzzle velocity should not exceed 3,200 feet per second at point of impact and you should stand at least 100 yards away.

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