5 Shooting Tips for Better Accuracy


Whether you’re trying to tighten up your shot for competition or defense, or both, it’s a learning process every step of the way. Beginners and advanced marksmen can become more accurate by following these 5 shooting tips.

Know your rifle

Mastering your firearm of choice is the first step in becoming a better shooter. You will first need to make sure that the distances and types of targets match the gun you’re using. Then it’s time to get to know your gun better than anyone. Learning the specific trigger and quickly being able to reload or clear a jam are essential steps in becoming a more competitive and defensive shooter.

Learn to read the wind

Most aspects of shooting – the target distance, gun model, and your stance – are an exact science. The wind is not. The only way you can get better at reading varying wind speeds and direction are to practice at long-range distances. This leads to the next tip.

Practice makes perfect

Again, no matter how many times you have done it, you can always do a little more to perfect a skill set. First, practice safety. Second, practice using your specific firearm. Finally, practice different types of target shooting. Once you have mastered one type, move on to the next to become better-rounded.

Find the right targets

Not all targets are the same! Find targets that are designed for use with your particular firearm. Set your targets in safe locations and at proper distances, and don’t ever use a steel pistol target that has been deformed or damaged.

Make adjustments

Mostly because of varying weather conditions and the many types of firearms, competitive target shooting can sometimes be a trial-and-error sport. As long as you’re always practicing safety-first, try shooting from new spots at varying distances. If one way isn’t working, don’t keep repeating it.

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